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Environmental Radiation and You

In recent years, there has been an increase in psychiatric complaints due to toxicity, food, environment, and disruptions in sleep/wake cycles.  The new kid on the (environmental) block, so to speak, are EMF's ~ electromagnetic fields which are becoming increasingly difficult to avoid in our daily lives. EMF's are pervasive in modern life, eminating from wireless devices such as cordless and wireless phones, laptops, tablets, wiFi routers, wireless printers, smart televisions, baby monitors, fitbits, bluetooth technology, security systems, smart electric meters, wireless utilities, solar panel meters, gas and water meters, and more.  These technologies are found at increasing levels inside our homes, automobiles, work and community spaces.  Cell towers and various terrestrial technologies blanket our communities, and wiFi hotspots are soon to be placed in street lamps and under sewer manhole covers. 

While it is true that the spread of wireless technologies are thought to be improving every aspect of our lives, it is also true that the signals have a devastating effect on our bodies, including our brain.  Focus, memory, attention are common complaints, as are exhaustion, brain fog, and sleep disturbance.  Wireless signals impact our neurotransmitter balance, which affects our minds, mood, and overall health.


Discover the answers to the questions below.

  • Why is protection against radiation imperative in a modern world?
  • What types of radiation are there and how does radiation affect our health?
  • What symptoms are clear indications of the presence of geopathic burdens?

For over 30 years Geovital has focused with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health. If even weak environmental influences effect the regeneration of the body and consequently its ability to fight disease, then the basis for health is significantly jeopardized.

With the successful health recovery of patients as the primary purpose of their naturopathic clinic in Austria, Geovital developed shielding technology and a unique approach to addressing the impact of man-made and geopathic radiation. 

Articles to review:

Geovital Radiation-Free Living Solutions are state of the art solutions that can be used in both homes and work spaces.





In partnership with Geovital, we offer 'healthy home assessments' to both clients and non-clients of our practice.  We will measure the levels of man made radiation inside your home or apartment as well as geopathic stress with a primary focus in sleeping areas.  We will provide recommendations to improve the environment within your home or workplace, and offer solutions to shield or limit unhealthy exposure levels of EMF's. Solutions are easy to implement for the average resident themselves.  In general, Geovital offer's high quality non-toxic paint to shield your home or office, as well as attractive sheer fabrics to cover windows, line draperies, and make lovely sleeping canopies.  Geovital is unique in other ways.  As consultants, we are trained to measure another form of energy fields, named geopathic stress (eminating from the earth) and provide simple solutions to protect you and your family members from long periods of exposure, which is essential for your sleeping space.

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