The Couples Program

Whether you are looking to resolve a short term problem or long term pattern in a new relationship or committed partnership,  the Couples Program is suitable to all couples looking for relationship help. 

The Couples Program is skills based.  Partners learn to collaborate with one another in real time and learn how to dialogue their frustrations in a constructive and safe format.  The end result is having a "couples skillset" to meet the individual needs of each partner while enhancing happiness and satisfaction together. 

Initially, expect to do the hard work in session. You will learn how to safely address your needs, express your frustrations, and ask for support and love as you would like to receive it.   As you bring home positive experiences and practice between coaching sessions, expect to build many relationship skills that will bring you the confidence to succeed throughout your marriage or partnership as a team - playing by the same set of rules.   Together, you will learn the tools of successful relationship communication.  

  • Learn to have greater patience, understanding and compassion for each other;
  • Re-establish the romance, excitement and connection;
  • Develop tools for renewing loving feelings;
  • Learn the secret to end all power struggles;
  • Experience a deeper, more satisfying and intimate relationship; and
  • Become passionate, best friends again!

Successful couples coaching will give you and your partner the experience and confidence to never need another therapist or counselor again. As you integrate the skills learned, you and your partner will have the tools necessary to work through your unique challenges, together.  Even if you decide not to stay together, these skills are transferable to any relationship and will prepare each partner to be a better person and partner in the present and future

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