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We are serving all clients via Tele-Health
throughout the State of California

We provide traditional methods of achieving good mental health, and offer much more!

We practice a unique combination of therapies, best termed Integrative Mental Health. Integrative Mental Health is the addition or combination of integrating holistic health approaches with traditional methods, namely nutritional supplementation and other considerations which influence mood, energy, and focus.

Our practice has evolved into combining traditional mental health practices with nutritional coaching and environmental wellness practices, when appropriate. Our clients may participate in traditional or integrative methods, alone. Or combine approaches as desired.

We offer Tele-Health Video Therapy to all clients. Meet with us through your device or computer anywhere you are ... at home, office, or from anywhere you are!

Additional Holistic and All Natural Treatment Choices

Dietary and Nutritional Protocols for Optimal Mental Health
Targeted Amino Acid Therapy in partnership with Neurogistics Corporation
Brain Healthy Lifestyle Education & Coaching for Everyone in the Family
Environmental Wellness Education & Coaching for Brain Healthy Homes


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