The foundation of health & wellness lie in the
correction of biological pathways & proper nutrition.

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The success of the Brain Wellness Program began as a passion for "holistic" influences in mental health by founder, Lori M. Bergstrom, MA, LMFT, HHP. Lori's initial interest in the nutrition field was in the integration of nutritional therapy as a path of support in mental health and wellness.

The Brain Wellness Program emerged as an integrative focus between Mental Health and Nutritional Therapies. The Brain Wellness Program combined functional nutritional therapy with clinical psychotherapy. Patients discovered the combination was exceptionally effective. The speed of patient recovery improved dramatically in comparison to psychotherapy, alone. Today, this combination of treatment is referred to as 'Integrative Mental Health'.

With Lori's ever-increasing interest in the biological contributions to mental health and wellness, she juggled work with patients and studied several cutting edge nutrition models applicable to mental health. In 2006, she earned a certification as a Brain Wellness Practitioner in Targeted Amino Acid Testing to achieve optimal neurotransmitter balance for patients.

The successful addition of Targeted Amino Acid Therapy lead to studying the use of Methylation Testing and Therapy as an additional method to optimize brain balance. In 2009, trained in the Carl Pfeiffer, M.D. and William Walsh, Ph.D. DNA Methylation Treatment Model, the program began utilizing brain metabolic testing to identify underlying biological methylation dysfunction in clients experiencing life long struggles with depression, anxiety, AD/HD and more. The correction of the defined chemical imbalances produced impressive results in combination with psychotherapy.

In 2011, Lori stepped into a new practice model she terms 'The Virtual Clinic' offering Telehealth services remotely. Our treatment terrain has increased dramatically as we reach clients anywhere a client has access to an internet connection or telephone. 

Lori continues to deepen her education completing an Advanced Degree in Naturopathic and Nutritional therapy with a professional focus in Nutrition for Brain Balance as it pertains to Mental Health and Wellness.

Patient services offered in our Virtual Clinic include identifying underlying conditions as:

Kryptopyrroluria (a genetic stress condition), DNA Methylation dysfunction, Gluten Sensitivity Support, Intestinal Permeability contributions to mental health, Adrenal Stress influences, and more. The practice has become increasingly successful merging cutting treatment methods with a cutting edge virtual clinic model.

We look forward to working with you as you progress toward optimal health and wellness.

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