Cancellation Policy

Please note that if you need to postpone your appointment, you are required to give at least 48 hours advance notice

You may not cancel a Monday appointment on the weekend. Monday appointments must be cancelled or before your session time on Friday or before. The full fee will be charged for all appointments that are canceled without at least 48 hours notice as well as any missed appointments. This cancellation fee is the established value of the full contracted rate  paid by you or your insurance plan; not your copayment or coinsurance portion.

Please understand when you commit to an appointment you are leasing a certain amount of my time that is devoted only to you. When you do not show, your treatment and my livelihood both suffer. 

I allow one unbilled late cancellation or no-show per year if there is an emergency. If you cancel your appointments too often, I will bring this up with you. If you continue to cancel frequently, I may end the treatment.

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